Protection against changing the bank account number on issued invoices

Created: 2021-01-28
Last updated: 2021-01-28

In InvoiceOcean it is possible to secure the bank account number so that it cannot be accidentally changed or secured against unauthorized changes. This function can be set in Settings> Account Settings> Configuration> Security> Bank account number change security.

There are three security levels:

1. Lack of security - allowing any user to change their bank account on any invoice. If this level is set, the system displays information that the account number is different from the one entered in the company data.

2. Standard - allowing only Administrators to change the bank account in Settings> Account Settings> Company / department

3. Strong - it only allows you to enter a new account number, to change it you need to contact our service office (Operator). Additionally, after selecting the highest security level, its change to a lower one also requires contact with the Operator.

These options will help you to avoid mistakes and protect you from viruses that replace bank account numbers on websites and in programs. Thanks to the security offered by InvoiceOcean, you can protect yourself against this type of viruses.

The protection can of course be removed at any time. NOTE!!! The user disabling the security does so at his own risk.
In order to remove the protection, go to Settings> Account Settings > Configuration> Security> Bank account number change security and select the option Lack of security (you may change this in settings and invoices).

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