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Created: 2021-01-28
Last updated: 2024-03-07

From the moment of the the account creation, the system has a default email sending configuration set up. With the default option active, after sending an invoice via email to the Client, they will receive a message from the Sender, whose name will be entered as Your Company Name.

After clicking on the Sender details, the email address for sending mail from InvoiceOcean <> will appear, along with the Reply- to option set to "Your Company Name <>. This way, if the recipient replies to this email, the message will be sent to your email address.

By default, you can change the field Your Company Name in the account settings. However, the email address taken into consideration is the current email address of the User who created the account.

You can also set one address from which invoices will be sent (regardless of which User sends the invoice). You can set this in the Email from field. You can enter an address like or Company Name in there. For more information on this, please refer to the description of the Use own name feature available in the Enterprise subscription package.

To check the sending options:

1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Invoice Sending on your account.
2. In the Method of sending emails section, you have the Default checkbox selected.
Email default
3. If you want to enable the option for the recipient to reply back to the Seller's chosen email address in the default sending option, you should enter your email address into the Email from field. This allows the message to be sent to the chosen email address of the InvoiceOcean User who is sending the invoice via email (the Seller).

4. Confirm the changes by clicking on Save at the bottom of the page

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