Customize the display of columns

Created: 2021-02-02
Last updated: 2021-11-09

In our system, you can customize the appearance of the invoice list, for both income and expenses, to your needs.
You can also choose to display the number of documents per page.
To do so, go to the Income/Invoices> All/Invoices tab and on the right side above the invoice list use the function key (gear icon) by selecting the Customize column display option.

customize column display

Then, a window will appear, where you can decide what information should be included in the columns on the invoice list, and how many documents should be displayed on one page.

customize column display 2

You will be able to restore the default settings at any time.

Recently, the option has been updated to display the phone number (Mobile number), creation date (Creation) and date of the last save (Last updated at) on the invoice list.

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