Changing the leading color of an invoice in the Blue template

Created: 2021-02-17
Last updated: 2021-03-16

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To change the leading color in the Blue template to another color of your choice, go to the Settings> Account settings> Print settings tab, and then at the bottom of the page fill in the field Customize print with CSS  with the CSS code shown below:

@media all{

table th,
.invoice_outline table th, 
.invoice_outline strong {
color: #DF0101;

After saving the changes, the invoice in the Blue template looks as follows:

In the above CSS code we used the so-called hexadecimal code of the red color, i.e #DF0101.
You can use a different color in this CSS code in the form of a hexadecimal code. The primary color codes are listed here:

Codes of other colors are available online, just enter “hexadecimal color codes” in the search engine.


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