Restricting the visibility of sales statistics for Users

Created: 2021-02-18
Last updated: 2021-11-09

After logging into the account in the system, the User sees the main screen with buttons for issuing documents.
The main screen also shows sales statistics divided into: today, last 7 days, current month and year.

Any system User may have access to the statistics, regardless of whether they have the status of the Account Owner, Administrator or User.

sales statistics

In the system, it is possible to limit the visibility of the above statistics for Users who do not have the status of the account owner or administrator.
If you want to limit the access to statistics for Users, go to Settings> Account settings> Configuration> Users and privileges> Restricted access to dashboard sales summary on the main page.

You can also disable the preview of sales statistics for all Users on the account, also for the account owner and administrators. Then, the statistics will not be immediately visible on the website, but after clicking on the sign symbolizing the statistics, you will be able to show them quickly.

sales statistics 6

Hiding statistics can be enabled by going to Settings> Account settings> Configuration> Reports> Hide sales summary on the main page.

sales statistics 5

This option is useful when you need to issue an invoice in the system and you do not want your Contractor to view the company's sales statistics.

Statistics on the home page can also be divided into individual company branches. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

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