Invoice status

Created: 2021-03-05
Last updated: 2021-11-09

The status of the document issued in InvoiceOcean informs the User about the status of a given transaction at the moment.

We distinguish the following invoice statuses:

1) Issued


2) Sent - the inscription “Issued” with an envelope symbol on the left


3) E-mail not delivered - red dot next to the invoice name


4) Partially paid


5) Paid


6) Rejected (in the case of a Proforma invoice and an Estimate)


The gray color indicates that the invoice has just been issued.
Blue color indicates invoices sent but unpaid, whose due date of which has not yet expired.
Red color warns that the invoice is overdue and that the contractor has not yet paid.
The green color shows the paid invoices.

Statuses can be changed automatically and manually.

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