How to create a new price list?

Last updated: 2024-02-13

The option to create a price list allows you to prepare a list of products with specific prices, different from those on the product card. Such a price list can be assigned to a client, category, or specific product. In this post, you will learn how to create a price list within your account. The price list option is available from the Professional plan onwards.

How to activate the price list option

To activate the creation of price lists:

1. Go to Settings > Account settings > Configuration > Price list,
2. check the checkbox next to the Price list option, 

3. Confirm the changes by clicking Save at the bottom of the page.

Activating this option will allow you to create specific price lists within your account.

To create a price list:

1. Go to the Warehouse tab > Price lists,
2. to add a new price list, use the Add new price list button, 

3. The system will display a price list creation form (description of fields below)

4. Confirm the creation of the price list by clicking the Create button.

Fields available when creating a price list

The following fields will appear in the price list creation form:

  • Name - give the price list a name that will easily allow you to assign it to a specific client or product;
  • Currency - choose the currency in which the products added to the price list will be sold;
  • Comments - here you can provide additional information regarding the price list or its description, this is internal information visible only within the price list preview. .
The positions on the price list section allows you to:
  • Select a product from the database in the Product field (to add a product, start typing its name, and the system will suggest matching items);
  • enter the net price for this product in the Net Price field, which will apply to the price list (by default, the system will read the net price from the product card, to assign your own, edit the field and manually enter the correct value);
  • the system will indicate the gross price based on the net price and the tax from the product card in the Gross Price field;
  • check the Calculate the price base on the discount percentage - check this option if the price list should include a percentage discount and enter the percentage discount value in the Discount Percentage field, based on which the system will calculate the net and gross prices;
  • check the Custom tax box - check this option if the product will be sold with a different tax rate than indicated in the product card and choose the appropriate tax rate in the VAT% field.

Using the green + button, you can add more products to the price list.

Confirm the creation of the price list by clicking the Create button. It will appear on the list of added price lists and will be available for assignment to a specific client, category, or product.

More information on how to assign a price list and how to block the possibility of creating/editing/deleting price lists can be found in the following entry → Price lists: Assigning custom prices to clients




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