Import of invoices with incomplete Seller data

Created: 2021-03-19
Last updated: 2021-03-19

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When importing invoices to the InvoiceOcean system, the program does not import full Seller data as the import file contains only the Seller’s name.
If you want to import invoices with full Seller data, follow those steps:

1) Before importing the file, go to Settings> Company / department> Add new department, where you can find all the necessary Seller data.

2) After creating the department and entering the Seller data there, copy the department ID (of the Seller) from the URL of the given department.

3) Open the import file as an .xls document and add the Department column at the end.

Then paste the Seller's Id number, e.g. 684043 into the open xls file and save the file.

4) Having so modified import file, proceed to import invoices.
Go to the Settings> Import> Import invoices tab, select Income and select Choose file (Wybierz plik).

After clicking Next…, the program will download relevant data and display the status Finished. Click the Review the data and import button.

Then you can adjust the information about the department in the second step of import, selecting department_id from the drop-down list.

NOTE!!!!! The column with the name of the seller is omitted by selecting the option –ignore--.

Now all you need to do is to use the Import data button.
Imported invoices should already have the Seller's data as defined at the beginning in the company department.
You can check it by going to the list of invoices and selecting Department in the left sorting panel and selecting the appropriate department from the drop-down list.


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