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Created: 2021-04-28
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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InvoiceOcean offers the possibility to adapt the appearance of the list of income invoices in order to show the Margin obtained from a given invoice. The function is available for users from the Standard Plan.
It is displayed for the following types of documents: invoice, prepayment invoice and final invoice.
To view the margin, go to Income/Invoice> All/Invoice and on the right side, above the list of invoices, use the function button and select Customize the column display.

customize column display

Among the fields, with which you can add a column or change the column order, you’ll find the Margin field.

Column display 1

After selecting this box and saving changes, in the list of invoices you will see the calculation of the amounts of the margins of individual invoices.

Column display 2


How is the margin from a given invoice calculated?

Margin from sales invoice is calculated based on the net value calculated from the sale price of products and net value ​​calculated from the purchase price of products.
If you do not issue warehouse documents to invoices in the system, then:

  • the sale price of the product is taken from the sales invoice:

Column display 3


  • the purchase price of the product is taken from the product card:
Column display 4

In the case of issuing warehouse documents to invoices, the sale price is taken from the sales invoice and the purchase price is taken from the AG document; you can also find information about this price on the RG document:

Column display 5

When trying to change product prices in the above documents and on the product card, affecting the value of the sales invoice margin, the invoice must be edited and saved again to recalculate the margin.

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