Name of documents saved in pdf format

Created: 2021-05-07
Last updated: 2021-11-09

By saving the documents generated in InvoiceOcean in pdf format, you obtain a file with a name that will contain:
- the type of document issued
- the document number according to the selected numbering format.
Slashes “ / “ in the number will be replaced with dashes “ - “. Example: invoice-2021-067.pdf

The name of the document will be displayed in a language that is set on the invoice issued.
If the bilingual invoice is issued, the program will provide the name of the saved document in two languages.

zapis faktury

In the attached picture, you can see the invoices saved in Polish, bilingual English-Italian invoice, invoice in English and in French.

The PDF will not be saved in the selected language when you choose to print the invoice in a different language - here you can see how to do it - the language of the invoice during its creation will not change.

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