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Created: 2021-06-02
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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In InvoiceOcean, it is possible to create product tags and to use tags in appropriate filters in the product list.
The tag is created when adding or editing a new product.
When you edit a product card, in the tags section, enter the tag name:

Tags 1

After creating a few tags and saving the product, the program shows information about the used tags on the product card.
Each tag is immediately saved in the system. When adding them to the next product, you can select previously saved tags.

Tags 2

In the list of products, in the filtering panel you can search products by specified tags. When you start typing in the Tags box, the program suggests existing entries. In this box you can also add a new tag - the mechanism works the same as in the product card.

Tags 3
Under the Tags box you can find Tag filtering variant.
You can choose such options:


  • Matches any tag
  • Matches no tag
  • Matches all tags

Tags 4

Removing tags from products is a very simple step, simply edit the product and in the Tags box use the “x” next to the tag to remove it from the product.

Tags 5

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