Income and expenses categories (by accounting documents and products)

Created: 2021-06-02
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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InvoiceOcean gives Users the ability to assign appropriate categories for both income and cost invoices.

Here you will find basic information on how to add your own categories, and then assign them to selected documents.

Categories can also be assigned to more documents available in a specific invoice list.

To do this:

  • go to the selected document list
  • select the boxes next to the individual invoices that you want to assign to a particular category
  • go to to the pop-up menu that will appear
  • press the Change button,
  • press the Category button
  • choose the most convenient option
To create a category name, you can also use personal data of employees - by creating the name “Jan Kowalski sales representative” and assigning this category to income generated by this customer, you can easily check what revenue was generated by this sales representative.
Such statistics are collected in reports referring to the categories.


Reports of documents and products by categories

On the basis of the assigned categories, it is possible to generate reports of income, expenses and products on invoices.

To find and generate these reports:

  • go to the Reports> Reports list
  • go to Finances or Products section
  • select the Income and expense category report or the Income and expense categories (product categories) report
  • adjust parameters such as dates or document type (more options button)
  • press the blue Generate report button

Exemplary report of income and expenses for issued documents:

A - collected categories that appeared on sales and cost documents
B and C - number of invoices on the income and expenses side that have been assigned to the concerned
D and E - separate counting of income and expenses by categories
F – counting of profits and losses

Categories income expenses 3

An exemplary report of income and expenses for products on selected accounting documents - in contrast to the previous report - refers to products in columns sales count and expenses count and has specific quantities of products sold on given invoices with appropriate categories.

Categories income expenses 5

Keep in mind that the product on an invoice assigned to a category will not automatically have a category assigned to it.

It may happen that the product assigned to a specific category will be sold on an invoice that is assigned to a different category. In this situation, in the report for product categories, they will be assigned to the category from invoices.

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