How to delete an account on InvoiceOcean?

Created: 2015-01-14
Last updated: 2022-09-23
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Note! Deleting an account on InvoiceOcean is a non-reversible action! Ensure to export your documents before you delete the account, because there is no way to recover them.

In order to delete your account, you will need to go to Settings> Account Settings > Delete account

Said button in just below the 'Tech support access' button.

Please remember that this button is visible only for the user with the 'Account owner' role.

After choosing ‘Delete account’ button, system will send you confirmation note, whether you want to delete the account or not:

If you choose ‘OK’ button, then new pop-up window appears:

InvoiceOcean will inform you with the exact date when your account will be deleted. You will have 7 days to restore your account after it is deleted.

If you want to restore your account, click on the ‘Restore the account’ button.
If everything went well, you will be moved back on your account and another pop-up window will appear:

The 'Account owner' will also receive an email regarding the account deletion:

'As per your request, your account will be permanently deleted on 2018-08-31. However, if you want to restore your account before this date, click this link.

Kind Regards, Team'.


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