Manual linking of payments and invoices in the system

Created: 2021-06-30
Last updated: 2021-11-09

When you have imported or manually entered payments in the system, but they are not linked to invoices, you can link them manually.

This can be done from the list of payments using the green button Match.

Connecting payments manually

When you click the button, if the system has not tried to link payments before, it automatically tries to merge the payment by looking for an invoice whose number appears in the payment description (as one of the words, e.g. "payment for invoice 23/06/2021") and with the same amount and currency as the payment.

If the system has tried to link the payment to an invoice before (but failed to find it), a pop-up menu will appear in which you must enter the invoice number to link them. If you click cancel, the system automatically tries again to find the invoice.

Combining payments can also be done by linking individual payments and invoices from the level of editing the payment.
This is done using the Match button.

Connecting payments manually 2

The Match button (in the edit payment view) always tries to link payments automatically.

At the top of the payment form there is also an invoice finder, thanks to which you can manually indicate with which invoice the payment should be connected (and it doesn’t have to match currency or amount).

Connecting payments manually 3

Since recently, the system omits paid invoices from the list of prompts. The list includes unpaid or partially paid invoices.
However, if you want to have the whole list of invoices, including the paid ones, you have to use the box More> include paid invoices.

Connecting payments manually 4

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