Invoice Customization

Different correspondance address

Last updated: 2021-11-09

We have added in the system the possibility to display under the Seller's data another mailing address or the Exhibitor's data.

To define the data to be displayed under the Seller on the invoice, go to Settings> Company / department, edit the selected company and check the box Different correspondance address. Then enter the data in the field that is displayed.

Different correspondence address

You can also specify whether the data will be private or will be displayed on the invoice by checking the Display issuer on invoice box.

Different correspondence address 2

The only thing left to do is to specify the name under which the information will be displayed on the invoice.
To do this, go to Settings> Account settings> Print settings and find the option Invoice additional address label (Seller).

Different correspondence address 3

You can use the name Invoice issuer, Other correspondence address, but you can also define our own entry by selecting More….

Finished invoice looks like this:

Different correspondence address 4



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