"Total due" in a currency other than the base currency of the invoice

Created: 2021-07-05
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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Often system users issue invoices in two currencies: e.g. in USD and convert them into another currency, e.g. EUR.
In such a case, the field Total due will show the amount in USD, because in the invoice format, in the Currency field, the main currency of the invoice is set to USD.
Example of such invoice in default template:

different currencies

Can I put the value of EUR (second currency) in the Total due field?

The only way to change the base invoice currency to EUR (Default, Blue, Old, Plain black and Simple templates) is to manually convert the currencies and enter the invoice items in EUR so that EUR appears in the Currency field and the USD currency symbol appears in the Show converted prices in field.

different currencies 2

The template that immediately shows the Total due column in two currencies is the Gray template. There is no need to manually convert the amounts on the invoice items.

Example of such invoice in Gray template:

different currencies 3

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