How to check if an invoice was delivered to a client

Created: 2021-07-15
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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If you want to check if your client has received an email with an invoice sent by you directly from the system, you should enter the preview of the sent invoice by clicking on its number.

check if invoice sent

Next, underneath the invoice, there is a Document activity panel associated with the document.

The activity panel contains information about creating, editing, printing and sending the document, including the exact date and time of the process. The delivered status informs you that your client's email box definitely received the correspondence, which does not mean that the client must have seen it. The message may have gotten stuck in one of the numerous mail tabs, e.g. in the SPAM tab.

sent status mail 2

Other statuses are: sent (email sent) in blue:

sent status mail

and Not-delivered in red:

sent status mail 3

The red status displays a message about the reason for non-delivery of correspondence.

What if the blue status lasts for long?  It is related to procedures of many mail servers which treats the first correspondence as SPAM but asking to send it again to confirm reliability of message. The second automatic message by our email server is accepted and delivered to the client’s mail, then the status of the dispatch in the service changes to delivered (green color).

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