A shortcut to InvoiceOcean on your desktop

Created: 2021-07-22
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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It often happens that Users would like to have an icon on their desktop with which they can directly enable the browser with the InvoiceOcean login.

The shortcut can be created this way:

Left-click on the padlock symbol in the URL and while holding, drag it to a free space on the desktop. A login shortcut should be created. 

We have illustrated this in a short video:

shortcut desktop

The second method of creating a shortcut:

  • right-click on your desktop and select New> Shortcut
  • then paste the URL of the login shortcut and confirm with the Next button
  • the final step is to create the shortcut name and click Finish (operation performed on Windows 10)

shortcut desktop 4

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