Multiple Pre-invoices for one Estimate

Created: 2021-08-11
Last updated: 2021-08-11

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One way to pay for a transaction is through installments. In order to invoice several payments to one transaction in InvoiceOcean, it is necessary to do so using an estimate document, prepayment invoices and a final invoice. We suggest what to do to issue several such accounting documents within an order.

  1. First, issue an estimate for the full amount of the transaction. In this way the system will know the amount from which it will subtract subsequent installments shown on the advances, to indicate the amount of the last installment on the final invoice.
  2. After issuing an estimate, from the preview of this document, click: More options> Create Prepayment Invoice.
  3. Issue each subsequent prepayment invoice in a similar way: open the issued estimate and follow the same procedure again (click: More options> Create Prepayment Invoice). By issuing prepayment invoices from an estimate, the program will associate all advances with the same estimate and will count them to one transaction.
  4. At the very end of the realization of the transaction resulting from the estimate, you can issue a final invoice. To do this, just go to the preview of any prepayment invoice associated with the estimate, and click More options> Issue final invoice. The estimate combines all the prepayment invoices, and the system counts the amounts shown on them, so the final invoice will automatically show the amount that closes the value of the transaction.

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