Restricting visibility and blocking access to warehouses

Created: 2021-10-05
Last updated: 2021-11-09

InvoiceOcean allows the Account owner to assign access to the system to other Users and to assign them to a specific department and warehouse. InvoiceOcean additionally offers an option to prevent Users from seeing the statistics of quantities or prices visible in other warehouses, as well as to block access to those warehouses altogether.

To restrict the visibility of warehouses:

  • assign the User to the selected department as instructed here and give them access to the chosen department so that they cannot see other departments
  • go to Settings > Company / department
  • using the button with the cogwheel symbol, press the Edit button next to the department to which the User is assigned
  • select the Restrict warehouses checkbox

Restrict warehouses
  • go to Settings> Account Settings> Configuration> Users and privileges
  • select the checkbox Restrict warehouse visibility> Save

Restrict warehouses 2

From the login level the User can see only the assigned warehouse, warehouse documents and products in that particular warehouse.

It is also possible to completely restrict the user's access to warehouses and warehouse documents in the entire system - this is done by following the same steps as in the instructions above, except that the checkbox you have to select then is Block warehouses access for users.

Restrict warehouses 3​​​​​​​

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