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Created: 2021-10-12
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In addition to the quantitative stocktaking, we created a cost inventory report in the system.
To make such a report, go to the Reports> Reports list> Warehouses> Cost inventory tab.


This type of inventory shows the quantity of the product that you currently have in stock, broken down into individual batches of this product according to the net purchase price.

The operation of the report and the correct interpretation of such an inventory is presented on the following example:

1. Report operation

When you have selected the Cost inventory report, you have to choose the date by which the program should count the stock and the Warehouse for which you want to make the inventory.
Then click Generate report.

cost inventory 2

The inventory lists the following data:

  • product,
  • product code,
  • net purchase price (which is sorted from the highest price),
  • quantity of products currently in stock with a summary,
  • Total - summary of the quantity and stock value of each product,
  • SUM - a summary of the quantity and stock value of all products in stock.

cost inventory 3

2. Report interpretation
Let's analyze the first product Product 1.
The inventory shows how many pieces of the product are left in the warehouse and at what price these products were purchased.

cost inventory 4

In this inventory, the program also takes into account the sale of the product and the reduction in the quantity of the product based on issued RG documents.

On the list of warehouse documents for this product, you can see that the quantity remaining in the warehouse is the same as on the report.
In addition, you can easily see that the program took into account the WZ1, subtracting the amount of the product on the RG (-12 items) from the amount of the product on PZ5 (20 items). Therefore, the inventory (in line with the FIFO function) shows that there are 8 items left of the product entered to the warehouse first.

cost inventory 5

Note!!! If a product is added via a cost invoice and an AG document is not attached to it, and there are no other AG documents related to the product in the system, the given product will not appear in the inventory report.

Prices on the inventory report are taken from subsequent AG documents. If the prices are not specified on the AG, the program will show the purchase prices of the product.

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