Restricting access to the account for specified IP addresses

Created: 2017-10-02
Last updated: 2017-10-02
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To secure access to the InvoiceOcean account the account owner can authorize access to be limited to selected IP numbers. These could, for instance, be the IP address used in the firm’s office. 
The restriction is applicable to users and account administrators but does not apply to the account owner, who is still able to log in using any IP address. 
To turn on this extra IP security feature, navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Configuration > Security > Allow users and administrators to access your account only from chosen IP > and mark the checkbox. After marking the checkbox a new window will appear, here you can insert the IP addresses. Additional addresses can be added in new lines or be separated using a comma, or a semicolon.

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The option to secure your account by restricting IP addresses is available from the Enterprise plan.

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