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Seller's information on the invoice

Last updated: 2023-11-22

The invoice, as a confirmation of a transaction, must contain specific data. Each transaction is concluded between the seller and the buyer, i.e., the purchaser of the goods. Seller's data is automatically read from the company's information when creating the document form. From this entry, you will learn how to add seller's data to a new account and where the system retrieves this information for subsequent created documents

Seller's Information on the Invoice


Setting up a new account in the system requires configuration according to the user's needs. To issue the first document, it is necessary to complete the company information, which the system will then automatically retrieve for subsequent documents.

You can fill in this information through the form available in the Settings > Company/department  tab or directly during the creation of the first invoice. After saving the form or the created document, the system will add a new company to the account based on the provided information. From that moment on, the information of this company will appear automatically on each document.

To complete the seller's information through the Company/department tab:

1. Go to the Settings > Company/department tab.
2. For a new account, the system will display a form to create a new company. Fill in all the required information in this form


To confirm the addition of the company:

  1. Click Save at the bottom of the form.
  2. The first entity will appear on the list of companies/ departments


To complete the seller's information from the first document being created:

1. Go to the Income tab and select the type of document you want to issue.
2. On the left side panel, click the Add new invoice depending on the type of document.
3. In the Seller section, fill in the blank fields that will appear.

4. After creating the document press the Save button, the information will appear on the invoice and will be saved for subsequent invoices, being stored in the Company/department tab.

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