The SWIFT code in the Seller's information

Created: 2023-12-11
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In the Seller's information on the issued document, basic details such as the name, address, or identification number are visible. In the company's details, you can also add banking information such as the bank name, bank account number, its currency, and the SWIFT code. The SWIFT code is an international identifier for a financial institution participating in the SWIFT system. In this article, you will learn where to enter the SWIFT code so that it appears in the Seller's information on the invoice.

SWIFT Code in Seller's Information

To add the SWIFT code:

1. Go to Settings > Company/department

2. Click on the name of the company/department for which you want to add/edit banking details (you can also go to the editing form using the gear icon on the right, and then select the Edit option).
3. Go to the Bank section and fill in the necessary information.
4. Enter the SWIFT code of your bank in the SWIFT field

5. Save the form by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.

The SWIFT code will now appear in the Seller's information on the created documents.

SWIFT in the seller's data on the invoice form

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