How to print the EAN-13 digit barcode label?

Created: 2018-04-30
Last updated: 2021-11-09
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If you are using the European Article Number (EAN) in the InvoiceOcean, now we offer you the possibility to print the label with the standard, thirteen-digit EAN-13 barcode.
To activate such option please go to: Settings > Account settings > Configuration > Products > mark the checkbox ‘Use EAN code’ > Save.
The next step for you is to manually add the products and its barcodes to the InvoiceOcean or simply update the already existing products with the barcodes.
There are two methods to add said codes:
Write down the digits in the EAN code area;
Scan the code by using the scanner that could be attached to your computer device.

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Printing the label:

Before the actual printing of the label, you may adjust the size of the label to your own needs.
To do so go to: Settings > Account settings > Print settings > Print barcode label.
The size of the label should be write down in millimeters, and should not be smaller than 30x25 millimeters (that is because the smaller label may not contain the whole 13-digit code). The default dimension are 50x30 millimeters.

Right after the print configuration, please go to the label generating section.

In order to print the label for the product, go to the product’s card and click on the:

  1. Barcodes > Print labels’ or

  2. Barcodes > Print labels without price’.

Remember that you may print the label even when the ‘Warehouse’ option is disabled.

You may start the print of any product’s label, right from the Warehouse document, that has been generated for your transaction.
In this scenario, InvoiceOcean will generate the label for each single product and its amount.

For example, if you have two different products, and the amount of each is 10 - the system will generate 20 labels.
To do so, go to the preview of you Warehouse documents (i.e. Acceptance of Goods (AG)) and click ‘Barcodes’ and choose your own kind of label - with or without the price.

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