How to create an Acceptance of Goods (AG) warehouse document

Created: 2019-04-19
Last updated: 2019-04-19
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Acceptance of Goods is one of many warehouse documents.
Its role is to enter certain amount of products on the right warehouse.

To create such a document you have to have enabled the ‘Warehouse Management’ option (Settings > Account settings > checkbox ‘Warehouse Management’ > Save).
Afterwards, you have to go to the: Warehouse > Warehouse documents > Add new document.

The ‘Acceptance of goods’ will appear as a default type of the document. Then, you have to write out data such as: Warehouse, Supplier, the name of the Product, its quantity and price.

During the creation of the document, InvoiceOcean will suggest products you want to use - all you have to do is write down the first letter of the product.


The same by first letter data suggestion appears when you want to choose Supplier’s name.

This is the place where you may also write down the selling prices.



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