Private Note. Not visible on the PDF / printout.

Created: 2020-04-07
Last updated: 2021-11-09

Invoice Ocean allows you to insert a special note to your invoice, a note which will not be visible on the PDF/printout.
Users will be able see that note, both on the preview of the invoice as well as in the list of invoices (Income / Expenses).
In order to add such note, whilst creating/editing an invoice, user have to scroll down and click on the ‘See more options’ button.
Afterwards, many new fields will appear, like the ‘Private Note (not visible on the printout)

Private Note

All the data written in that field will be displayed in the editing mode and in the preview of the document, right above the 'Document activity’ field.

Private Note

There is also another place where the private note could be seen by users - the Income list and the Expenses list. User have to activate the ‘Private Note (not visible on the printout)’ column using the ‘Customize the column display’ button.

Private Note


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