Set a discount % for all items

Created: 2014-06-23
Last updated: 2024-01-23

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While conducting sales, you provide your contractors with discounts on purchased goods or services. If the invoice includes multiple items, you can assign a percentage discount to all items with just one click, which the system will automatically fill in for you. In this entry, you will learn where in the document creation form to set a percentage discount for all items.

 Set a % discount for all items

To set a percentage discount for all items:

1. Go to the invoice creation form and fill in the buyer's details as well as the items on the invoice.
2. To access additional discount options, click the 'Add discount' button in the invoice items section.

3. Additional fields will appear below the items - How to calculate the discount and Add discount to all positions. 
4. In the How to calculate the discount field, the option chosen in the account settings will appear (Account settings > Configuration > Ways of calculation).
5. Enter the percentage discount value in the Add discount to all positions field, and the system will automatically apply it to all items.

6. If you first specify a discount and then add additional items to the invoice, each subsequent item will automatically have the discount applied.


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