The system does not “suggest” the product when generating an invoice

Created: 2020-11-20
Last updated: 2020-11-20

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When entering the product on the invoice in the Name box, sometimes the program does not automatically suggest the product. There may be 3 reasons why it happens:

1) the Quantitative restrictions (warehouse) checkbox is selected on the product card entered into the system. As a result, a product cannot be sold if its warehouse quantity is zero.

Additionally, in the main system settings concerning the product, you should define that the product should be blocked from being added to an invoice or warehouse document when its status reaches “0” - you can read about it here.

2) on the product card entered into the system, the Kind option is selected, in which you can select whether the product is to be only sold, only purchased, or both sold and purchased.

3) there is no product in the product database.

In this case, the product can be added directly from the sales and purchase invoice. 


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