Seller’s additional Correspondence address

Created: 2017-06-20
Last updated: 2017-06-20
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InvoiceOcean gives you the possibility to add a whole new address underneath the “Seller” data.
If you wish to define said address, you have to go to Settings > Company/department > choose in which one you want to add the additional address > mark the checkbox Different correspondence address > write down the address that you wish to implement > Save.
Remember, that even when you add the address, you may choose if you want to keep said data private. If so, disable the option Use invoice issuer.

After that, you have to determine under what name said information would be displayed. To do so, go to: Settings > Account settings > Print settings > checkbox Invoice additional address label (Seller).

In this section you could change the data, ex. Other correspondence address, Invoice Issuer or just make your own record.

The final invoice might looks like the one below.


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