Multiple bank accounts on one invoice (default template)

Created: 2021-03-24
Last updated: 2024-03-15

In InvoiceOcean you have the option to add multiple sub-accounts with different bank accounts, you can do it according to the instructions, which can be found here.

What if you want to add multiple bank accounts to one invoice?
There is an option to add and extra account number that will be positioned underneath the previous one. 
To do so, go to Settings> Company /department and choose one of your departments > Edit > Bank account. In the Bank account box, after the previous bank account added number, add a <br / > sign (this sign will cause that the next entry will be displayed on the invoice from the new line) and then enter the name of the new bank account and its number. (Example 01234567890123456789012 <br/>1234554321123455432112345).

Several bank account numbers on the very same invoice 1

You may add many different bank accounts the Bank account box in this way, as the box is quite extensive.
In the invoice preview it should look like this:

Several bank account numbers on the very same invoice 2

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