Dual currency invoice - two currencies on one document

Created: 2021-08-05
Last updated: 2023-12-13

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To issue an invoice (or other document) with two currencies:
  • When creating or editing a document, find the Currency heading just above the See more options button.

  • Enter the main currency (compatible with the currency of product prices, from which the summary will be converted into another currency).
  • Press the See more options button.

  • From the options in the Show converted prices in box, select the currency to which you want to convert the main currency

  • In the field According to the rate (which will appear when you select an option in the Show converted prices in field other than without conversion) select the rate you want to convert with

This conversion will appear as soon as you save the document.

However, please note that only one of the templates available in InvoiceOcean - gray template - will additionally show the amount paid in two currencies and the amount in words on the generated invoice.

To choose this or a completely different template, while creating or editing a document and after pressing the button See more options, choose the most convenient option from those available in the field Print Template.

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