Configuration of email delivery through your own server - SSL

Created: 2023-11-27
Last updated: 2023-11-27

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InvoiceOcean provides the option to send created documents directly from the system. In the Invoice Sending tab, you can configure the method of sending emails. There is an option to send through your own server. However, it requires additional configuration of parameters that are responsible for the correct sending of messages. In this entry, you will learn about the parameters that need to be set on the InvoiceOcean side and where to disable SSL.

Configuration of email delivery through your own server - SSL


To activate email delivery through your own server:

1. go to the Settings > Account Settings > Invoice Sending tab,
2. in the Invoice Sending section, check the box next to the option Send through your own mailbox

3. the system will display additional fields that need to be filled in to properly configure this sending option

4. Confirm the changes by clicking Save.

The checkbox next to the SSL option is checked by default, as most servers require this setting for proper delivery


However, if your mail server does not require the SSL option to be enabled for sending through your own server, you can uncheck this checkbox. After configuring your own server, we recommend testing the correctness of the settings by sending a test email.

For Gmail servers, the SSL option must be disabled for email delivery to work correctly.

We describe an example configuration for a Gmail server in this entry → Sending e-mails via your own server

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