Purchase prices on the Release of goods (RG) document

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When creating a Release of goods (RG) document, you have the option to manually enter purchase prices for products. On the warehouse document creation form for the RG, there is a section for each product where you can expand and input purchase prices according to your own specifications. In this document, you will learn where the system retrieves purchase prices on the Release of goods (RG) if you do not enter them during document creation.

Purchase Prices on the Release of goods (RG)


On the RG creation form, you can retrieve the selling prices of products based on the data set in the product card or manually enter your own prices.

There is also the option to independently provide purchase prices for the product on the RG warehouse document form.

Below the selling prices of each item, you will find the phrases Purchase Prices and Product Notes.

You should click on it to expand the fields related to the purchase prices of the product.

Purchase prices can be manually filled in. In this case, the purchase prices entered at the time of document creation will appear on the Release of goods (RG)


What will happen if you do not fill in the purchase prices of the product in the RG form?


According to warehouse settings: FIFO (sell the oldest items in the warehouse first), the system will automatically read the purchase prices from the AG document (Acceptance of goods) where the products have been waiting in the warehouse the longest.

From the created RG, through the Product receptions tab, you can check the associated document or AG documents.

In our example, 13 pieces of ceramic mugs were sold. The mug was received into the warehouse several times at different purchase prices. This breakdown into 2 products with different purchase prices is visible on the RG document. Clicking on Product Receptions would reveal two associated Acceptance of goods documents.

Because the prices were not manually entered, the system, following the FIFO method, read them from the AG documents.


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