How to Issue a final invoice from a Prepayment invoice associated with an Estimate

Created: 2023-12-29
Last updated: 2023-12-29

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The system allows settling transactions based on received prepayments. If you are using the reports offered by InvoiceOcean, the best course of action is to issue an Estimate for the entire amount and then create associated prepayment invoices, where you indicate the amount received from your client. The document that will conclude the entire transaction is the final invoice. In this post, you will learn how to issue a final invoice from a prepayment invoice associated with an Estimate.

How to issue a final invoice from a Prepayment invoice?

To issue a final invoice based on an existing prepayment invoice in the system:
1. Go to the tab Income > prepayment Invoices

2. Then click on the prepayment invoice number for which you want to create a final invoice to go to its preview

3. from the top menu, choose More options > Issue final invoice.

4. The system will redirect you to the final invoice form, where it will automatically link the previously added prepayment invoices related to the Estimate.

5. Confirm the creation of the document by clicking Save.

If the final invoice was issued from a prepayment invoice and an Estimate linked to the prepayment invoice covered the entire transaction, the program will automatically subtract the paid prepayment. The final invoice will display the remaining amount to be paid. In this case, simply save the final invoice form immediately.

After saving, the entire transaction amount and the associated prepayment invoice will be visible on the invoice.

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