Changing the format of invoice numbering

Created: 2014-04-04
Last updated: 2023-12-06

Using InvoiceOcean, you have the ability to influence the numbering format of your documents.

Below, you can see example numbering formats:

  • 1/01/2011, 2/02/2011, etc.
  • 1/2011, 2/2011, etc.
  • 1, 2, etc.
  • INV/1, INV/2, etc.
  • 2011/1, 2011/2, etc.
  • 2011/01/1, 2011/02/1, etc.
  • INV2011/01/1, INV2011/02/1, etc.
  • 11/1/17/1, 11/1/17/2, etc.

To choose one of the provided numbering formats or create your own, go to the Settings > Account Settings, and then to the Documents numbering tab. Make your selections in the relevant fields and click the Save button.


Custom Numbering

You can create your own numbering format by adding custom elements found in the number and using the variables below:

nr - consecutive number counted from the beginning of the year, e.g., 1, 2, etc.
nr-m - consecutive number counted from the beginning of the month
nr-d - consecutive number counted within a specific day
yyyy - four-digit year, e.g., 2011
yy - two-digit year, e.g., 11
mm - month, e.g., 01
dd - day

Example of a custom numbering format:

nr-m/m/D2 - This format includes the consecutive number counted from the beginning of each month, the month in which the document is issued, and a user-defined, constant identifier "D2". In this case, the invoice numbering will look like:

1/01/D2, 2/01/D2, 3/01/D2, 1/02/D2, 2/02/D2, etc.

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how to add invoice numbering automatically

2015-02-01 19:39

It is setted automatically until you change it manually (by following this instruction) by yourself.

2015-02-04 13:13

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