Summing up warehouse actions

Created: 2017-03-31
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InvoiceOcean gives you the possibility to generate a report that sums up warehouse actions on existing warehouse documents.

1. Generating a report 

  1. To generate such report go to Reports > Reports list > (section) Warehouses > Warehouse actions.
  2. Set up the Time frame and select the warehouse. 
  3. Click the Generate Report button 
Summing up warehouse actions 1

Setting the time frame and selecting the warehouse

Summary of warehouse actions

2. Interpreting the report 

  1. The first column shows the different kinds of warehouse documents. 
  2. The second column shows the quantity of warehouse documents in said period of time.
  3. The third column shows the quantity of warehouse actions linked to said warehouse documents.
  4. The fourth column simply sums up net purchase price in said period of time.
  5. In the very last verse there is an additional information regarding the amount of invoices in said period of time. These are the invoices to which no warehouse documents have been generated.

Summary of warehouse actions 2

3. What is a warehouse action? 

  1. Warehouse action is an item (product/service) on a document along with its quantity.
  2. For example, in our report (see the first screen) there is an information of Release of goods (RG):
    This report informs that from 2020-08-01 to 2020-12-31 there had been issued 7 RG documents, consisting of 1130 of all items.
  3. One can find a minus (“-”) by the price because these products had been released from warehouse.
  4. You may obtain analogical situation in case of any warehouse documents in this report.

Summary of warehouse actions 3

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