Integration of the InvoiceOcean with a Website

Created: 2020-08-26
Last updated: 2021-11-09

You can connect InvoiceOcean to any portal/website and sell products/services on your website. 

To add such a widget to your own portal:
1. turn on “Auto Payments” (Settings > Account settings > Your account)

2. add at least one payment method in Settings > Online Payments (Bank Transfer, BrainTree, PayPal, tpay or BitPay)
3. enter the product you want to sell and select “online sales” (second tab when editing the product)
4. insert the generated javascript code into your own page 

5. clients on the website fill in the payment form, pay online and after payment, an invoice is automatically generated (everything works automatically without human intervention). 
The description of Auto Payments is also available on our website.  If necessary - we will be happy to help you with the configuration of InvoiceOcean with your portal/website (please write to

An example of using the payment widget can be found on the pages: (subscription fee for the system) (subscription fee for the system)

The default payment form contains basic address data. To get more entries, in a given product that you want to sell online, go to the “Auto Payments” tab, select the “Selected entries” in the “Format of payment” field and check the ones that you want to appear on the form.
To configure the payment widget even more, check the Advanced box:
... in this configuration, you can change the field descriptions and use many possible variables:  {{promocode}}, {{first_name}}, {{last_name}}, {{email}}, {{phone}}, {{post_code}}, {{city}}, {{street}}, {{country}}, {{comment}}, {{quantity}}, {{invoice_name}}, {{invoice_tax_no}}, {{invoice_post_code}}, {{invoice_city}}, {{invoice_street}}, {{invoice_country}}, {{invoice_comment}}, {{price}}, {{provider}}, {{generate_invoice}}, 
You can also create your own fields: {{field1}}, {{field2}}, {{field3}}, {{field4}}, {{field5}} 


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