AutoPayments - What are they and how to configure them?

Created: 2014-04-08
Last updated: 2024-02-09

In InvoiceOcean, you can take advantage of the AutoPayments option, which will help you expedite receiving payments from customers for completed sales. Handling automatic payments involves placing a direct link on the document, which will redirect the customer to the payment page. In this post, we will explain what AutoPayments are, how they work, and how to activate them in your InvoiceOcean account.

AutoPayments - What are they and how do they work?

AutoPayments are a feature designed to assist you in managing payments from your customers. They also help expedite receiving payments for products or services sold. If this option is active on your account, a Pay Online button with a payment link will appear on your documents.

The link may direct customers to your bank details, allowing them to easily copy the bank details for the transaction. If you have an account with one of the online payment services integrated with InvoiceOcean, the link can redirect the customer directly to the payment processing pathway.

The AutoPayments widget allows you to pre-fill the user's payment information, eliminating the need for them to fill it out manually.

To enable AutoPayments in InvoiceOcean follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings, click on Account Settings > Your Account. In the Online Payments section, check the checkbox next to the Auto Payments option. Save the changes.

2. Next, go to Settings and then navigate to Online Payments, where you'll find the option to configure your chosen payment methods. After checking the checkbox next to your preferred option, fields will appear that you need to fill in with the required information. Remember to save your changes

3. If, for example, you choose Bank transfer as the payment method, the system will prompt you to fill in a message that will be displayed to your customers.

Options for configuring AutoPayments:

  1. On your invoice - when a customer receives an invoice and clicks Pay Online, the invoice status changes to paid after payment is made. More information is available here.
  2. On your Proforma invoice - when a customer receives a proforma invoice and clicks Pay Online, after payment is made, a VAT invoice is generated automatically and sent to the customer. More information is available here.
  3. On your website - when selling a product or service, after the payment is made, the customer automatically receives a VAT invoice. More information is available here.

After making the payment, it's also possible to call the API.

Below is the view of the invoice, where the Pay Online button is visible. The payment link is displayed in the top right corner of the document, allowing the customer to go directly to the payment process.

Other information about AutoPayments:

  • AutoPayments also allow for receiving transfers in multiple currencies. You can read more details about how to create a message in multiple languages using Handlebars tags in this post.
  • Documents paid by your customers using integrated quick online payments will automatically receive the paid status.
  • If you issue invoices for international transactions in AutoPayments, which may not always include VAT, you can enable the option for manual corrections before sending the document to the customer, as explained in this post.
  • For more information on configuring InvoiceOcean with your website, you can refer to this post.

By configuring online payments, you can automate:

Invoicing - customers will be able to pay your invoices more quickly using the Pay Online button.
Sales - simplify the sale of your products or services online.

How to configure online payments with a selected provider?

In the Knowledge Base, you will find dedicated articles that explain how to configure online payments with your chosen provider in InvoiceOcean:

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after activating Autopayments in Account settings and configuring at least one payment provider in Settings -> Online payments, you can configure "Online sales" for a product when editing / creating a product in the system.

This functionality will generate a JavaScript code for the payment form which you can include on your website. When a Client finishes a payment via this form, an invoice for this product will be created in the system.

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