Quantitative restrictions (warehouse) of products in the system

Created: 2020-11-20
Last updated: 2020-11-20

If you want to make it impossible to sell (add to an invoice) products that are no longer in stock, you need to choose settings in the system, which are described in detail below:

1) The first step is to implement Quantitative restrictions (warehouse) of a given product. We apply the restriction on the product so that the system knows to check how much of a given product is in the warehouse.
To impose a stock limit, go to Products.

When creating a new product or editing an existing one, at the bottom of the form, expand the See more options tab and select Quantitative restrictions (warehouse), and then save the changes at the bottom of the page.

2) The second step is to set a restriction in the system that will not allow you to issue a document with a product with a zero or negative stock level.
To do this, go to Settings> Account settings> Configuration> Products. Here the restriction has been divided into two subtypes:

- restriction on the issue of invoices with a product that is not in stock 

- restriction on the issue of warehouse documents with a product that is not in stock 


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