How to match a payment to an invoice

Created: 2017-06-20
Last updated: 2021-11-09
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You may have already imported or manually implemented some payments to your  InvoiceOcean account, but they may not be matched together with invoices.
In this case you may do it manually by yourself.
Go to the list of payments and click on the green button Match (Payments > choose the name of the payment > Match).

How to match a payment to an invoice

When you click on the Match button, InvoiceOcean will try to connect this payment to the right invoice, which has its number as in the payment description (ie. ‘Payment for the invoice number 11/333/2017’), as well as the value and currency on the said payment.
If the system had already tried to match the payment to an invoice, and failed, a new window with a blank space would pop out. In this window you should write down the number of the invoice you want to match. If you choose Back, the system will automatically renew its search to find the right invoice.

There is also another - half-manual - way to match the invoice with the payment. To do so, click on Payments > choose the name of the payment > Match with invoice.

How to match a payment to an invoice 3

After clicking on the Match with invoice button, the system will always try to match invoices and payments automatically. When it fails, the following information will appear:

You may also try to search for the right invoice fully manually. By doing so, you would be able to choose which payment you want to match to the particular invoice. In this case neither currency nor amount must be correct as they figure on the invoice.

How to match a payment to an invoice 1

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