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Import of invoices, clients and products

Last updated: 2024-01-17

There is a new way of importing data concerning invoices, clients or products.

If you want, for example, import products to an invoice, go to: Settings> Import> New Import.

Data can be imported in the following file types: .XLS, .XLSX (Excel), .ODS. (Open Office), .TXT, .CSV, .TSV.

Important: the imported data file must be prepared according to the template available on the website, which means that it must contain the same column names and their order as in the example.

Example of column settings when importing clients below (from a CSV file):

No,ID,Short name,Client name,Tax ID,City,Post code,Street,Country,Delivery address,Company,Email,Website,Telephone,Mobile phone,Fax,Forename,Surname,Bank,Account number,Individual bank account,Additional description
1,27,Client1,Company1,123456789,London,,EC2Y 5DN,England,,0,,,783048882,654456789,223334455,John,Smith,123456789,2244455666,,
2,29,Client2,Company2,123456789,Manchester,,M14 5SE,England,Brighton BN1 1YB,1,,,783057782,543908373,113334455,Jane,Smith,123456789,66244455666,

The XLS/CSV import has a limit of 1000 rows at a time. If the file is larger, it should be split and several imports should be performed.

Full import instructions can be found here:

- Clients and Products,
- Sales invoices,
- Cost invoices,
- Non-accounting documents.



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