Security in InvoiceOcean with two types of two-step verification

Created: 2021-05-18
Last updated: 2024-01-24

A standard login consists in entering your login and password in order to log into your account. You probably use it in InvoiceOcean - you log in by entering only your login and previously created password, and then you go straight to the system.

However, there is also a two-step verification - a bit more complicated, but more secure solution. It differs from the first option by the presence of an additional operation involving entering of a special code confirming the User's identity during logging.

This type of login was introduced to InvoiceOcean for the safety of all Users. From now on, every User can use one of two types of two-step login – the option of two-step verification via e-mail or the one using the Google Authenticator application. Thanks to them, no person who does not have access to your email box or any of your mobile devices will be able to log into your InvoiceOcean account.

Do you prefer a two-step verification option via email or a mobile device app? Choose the most convenient solution for you and do not worry about the security of your data anymore!

  1. Two-factor authentication - e-mail verification - guarantee of the safe use of InvoiceOcean
  2. Two-step authentication - Google Authenticator application - guarantee of safe use of InvoiceOcean

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