Free account blockage

Created: 2016-03-22
Last updated: 2020-04-22
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While using the Free subscription plan, you can issue up to 3 invoices per month. After issuing the third invoice, on the main page of your account you will see a message displayed on a yellow background regarding the account payment.

The information is displayed to inform users about what to do in the case they wish to generate more documents in current month. Unless the payment is made, the user need to wait until next month to renew the limit of 3 documents.

Warning! The program counts documents in the moment of creation, so documents removal will not increase the limit.

If you find an error on your invoice, edit it instead of deleting. Do it by using the edit button placed at the top-right hand corner of its preview. Edit the erroneous data and save the document.

Editing of issued documents doesn´t affect the invoices limit.


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