Control of payments

Created: 2021-03-08
Last updated: 2021-03-08

In the InvoiceOcean system, payments for invoices can be controlled in several ways:


  • by controlling document statuses,

In the program you can maneuver the payment statuses located next to each invoice on the right side of the invoice list. Different document statuses allow you to quickly check and correct the payment stage of the invoice at any given moment. More information can be found here.


  • by including information about the due date and date of payment for invoices in the invoice list,

On the list of invoices, using the Customize the column display button, you can enable additional columns such as due date and payment date, which allows you to quickly check due dates for invoices. 
Instructions on how to customize the invoice list view can be found here.


  • by sending notifications about unpaid invoices,

When an invoice is overdue (it has not been paid on time, has a red status on the invoice list), you can send a reminder about the unpaid invoice to the e-mail address of the client.


  • by importing payments from the bank using a file (Professional subscription plan),
Using an exported file from your bank's website, you can quickly link the invoices on your account with the approved payments on your bank account. The program will connect the relevant invoices with the appropriate payments and change their statuses.

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