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Created: 2021-05-31
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Reports in the system are divided into two types.
These are Charts and a Reports list.

In the Charts tab, individual reports are displayed in the form of bar graph that contain appropriate data downloaded from the system. 
The charts include reports such as: 
  • Revenue and expenses, 
  • Revenue, 
  • Expenses, 
  • Sales count

In the Reports list tab, you can find an extensive database of reports divided into thematic sections relating to various aspects of the system such as sales, costs, warehouses, products, clients and others. 
The list of reports is divided into:

1) Finances 2) Products 3) Warehouses
  • Summary of warehouse actions
  • Cost inventory
  • Inventory based on warehouse documents
  • Product quantity and value statement
  • Product quantity and value statement in a specific time frame
  • FIFO inventory statement
  • Marign
4) Clients
  • Clients
  • Customer balance
5) Accounting
  • Registry of VAT sales
  • Registry of VAT purchases
6) Cash

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