Custom roles - access to the product database

Created: 2024-02-15
Last updated: 2024-02-29

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Thanks to custom roles, you can precisely control user privileges, tailoring them to their individual needs and ensuring the security of your account. One of the functions you can grant access to is the product database. In this article, we will show you how to create a role with such privileges and what actions a user will be able to perform within account access.

Custom roles - access to products

To grant access to the product database within privileges:

1. Go to Settings > Users and select Roles from the panel on the left side, 

2. In the next step, use the Add new role button, 


3. Fill in the Role Name field,
4. in the Privileges section, check the checkboxes next to the options that the user should have access to.
5. To grant access to the product database, check the checkbox next to the Products option, 

6. Confirm the creation of the new role by clicking Save at the bottom of the page and assign the role to the selected email address.

A person with access to the Products tab will be able to view the list of products, manually create, edit, and delete them, as well as export the list of products.

Note: A user who does not have the Products privilege will be able to trigger products from the product database on an invoice. Data for a non-existing product in the database entered on the invoice by this person will be saved to the account if the setting for creating products on invoices is selected in the account settings.

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