Custom roles - access to account activities

Last updated: 2024-07-10

Creating a custom role allows you to assign privileges to the account according to the scope of duties of a particular user. In addition to basic privileges such as creating, editing, or deleting invoices, access to the client database, or payments, you can also grant administrative privileges. From this post, you will learn how to grant access to the list of activities related to the account

Custom roles - access to account activities

To grant administrative privileges, such as access to account activities, when creating a new role:

1. Go to the Settings > Users, then on the left panel select Roles, 

2. In the next step, use the Add a new role button, 

3. Fill in the Role Name field,
4. In the Privileges section, check the checkboxes for the options the user should have access to,
5. To grant access to account activities, check the checkbox next to the Activities option under the Administrator privileges section

6. Confirm the creation of the new role by clicking Save at the bottom of the page and assign the role to the selected email address.
A person with access to account activities will be able to navigate to the Settings > Activity menu. It is important to remember that full access to activity logs will be available only if the Show user activity feature is enabled. This option can be activated by going to the Settings > Account Settings > Your Account > Other section. Details regarding available activities that can be checked can be found in this post → How to check activities on the account

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