Recurring invoices - Comments for the created cycle

Created: 2024-04-17
Last updated: 2024-04-17

When creating a cycle, you have the option to add comments to it. You can use this space to add notes regarding the cycle, the goods being sold, or any other relevant information you want to include for this document. Notes added in the Comment field are not visible on issued documents. In this post, you will learn where you can add a comment when creating a recurrent invoice.

Comments for the created cycle

To add a comment to the created cycle:

  1. Go to Income > Recurring Invoices > New Recurring Invoice to create a new cycle,
  2. Choose whether the cycle should be created based on another document or according to your own definition,
  3. specify important cycle settings such as document issuing interval, automatic sending, notifications, or the status of the created invoices,
  4. at the bottom of the cycle creation form, fill in the Comment field if you want relevant information from your perspective to be visible in the cycle summary.

5. Confirm the creation of the cycle by clicking Save.

In the Comment section, system records regarding errors associated with a specific cycle will also be visible.

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