Adding users and defining their role in the system

Created: 2020-08-20
Last updated: 2020-08-21

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We have added the possibility to add users who only have access to view invoices (they cannot, for example, edit, add and delete them). 
Add a user by going to Settings > Users.

To add a new user, select the blue tab Add/invite user

In the next step it is possible to directly add a user who already exists or create login data for a new user. 
When the Add user box pops up, enter the e-mail address of the user who already has an account and set the role of that user, or enter the e-mail address of the new user and give him a password. Only the user can change the password assigned to him.

Alternatively, you can invite someone as a user (who already exists or is going to create a new account) by unchecking the Create new user(s) now - you will also have to set their passwords tab. This way, this person will receive an email invitation from us.

Users can be added to the main account, they can also be added to the appropriate department or departments, using the Edit button. An active window will appear in the Departments column, where you can give or limit user access to departments. 

You can modify the option of setting user permission in the tab Settings > Users, and then selecting e.g. a checkbox in: Settings > Account settings > Configuration > Users and privileges > Users can only view invoices and reports.
There you can also find the options Client restriction, Product restriction and Restrict warehouse visibility.

If you want to completely block access to the system for a given user, you can use the Disconnect button. The user will be deprived of access to the account, but it will be possible to add him again with the same privileges. 

This function can be useful for your employees who, for example, are to check income/expenses of the entire company or a specific department. This function also allows you to give access to a person from the accounting office so that they can download invoices and monthly reports on their own.


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